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Web Dumper 3.3

Web Dumper Editor's Review

Web Dumper allows you to download entire websites to your hard disk, allowing you to browse them offline anytime you like. The program keeps the directory structure of the website intact. The program should be able to download both the HTML and the embedded pictures, sounds, or movies.

The program works by downloading the URL you specify and parsing it. Web Dumper extracts all the URLs in the current page and analyzes them. Depending on how you configure the program, it may skip the links that are not from the same domain. You can also specify certain file extensions that should be ignored.

The most important setting of this application is in my opinion the so called "Depth Level". It allows you to specify how many levels of nested folders should be downloaded. A value of 0, which is also the default value, allows the program to download only the first page. Another thing you should take into consideration is whether you want to download external links. The program allows you to block or allow external links.

Pluses: Even though the directory structure of each website is kept intact, the program modifies the internal links, so that they point to your hard drive, where the site was downloaded. Another nice thing about this program is the fact that it allows you to specify the maximum size of the files that are to be downloaded and the bandwidth that should be used when downloading.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: Web Dumper works very well. Its advanced options make it a very good choice for downloading entire websites to your computer.

version reviewed: 3.1.1

What's Required in Version 3.3 of Web Dumper

25 Mb Hard Disk

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